Doughty & Bauman Development, LLC

Civil Contractor in Steubenville/Wheeling Specializing in asphalt services

About Us

As a new company to the industry, Doughty & Bauman still have many years of experience. With twelve years in the commercial and residential asphalt/construction system, we offer nothing short of a professional work and take pride in our jobs no matter how big or small. 

Mark Doughty: President

I have been in the professional construction field for the last twelve years. I studied Construction Engineering with a minor in business at the University of Akron. After college I worked for several different commercial contractors in and around the Ohio Valley. I have specialized in the civil side of the industry, working with grading, asphalt, excavation, concrete, etc.  I have received many certificates to go along with my education and have gained a vast amount of hands on experience.  I have always been inspired and determined to start my own business and now after the years of education and field experience, I have confidence that my business will be successful. I pride myself on my work ethic and attention to detail.  I have always felt that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well.  Every client that utilizes Doughty and Bauman Development not only receives top performance but also a personal level of time and focus on each project.  I want to not only meet your expectations but surpass them.

Chad Bauman: Vice President of Marketing

I am a motivated and extremely driven person in all aspects of my life. When asked to be a part of this team I was so very proud not only for the opportunity, but also for the vision of making this company one that will be called upon and reliable for any customer. I have a few bachelors degrees from Walsh University and a masters degree from Franciscan University. I have been working with the public since I started my professional career eight years ago. I am someone who wants to make things right. I feel that I am the optimal person as VP of marketing because of the relationships that I have built and will continue to build with people. I promise you that if given the opportunity we will make your investment one worth while; not only from a price perspective but also from the overall experience. Mark and I believe as a company that we will treat everyone like family because that is what we want in return. It may sound cliche, but please take the opportunity to reach out to us and I promise you will not be disappointed!

Team Members

Matt Wilson: Project Manager

Matt comes with years of experience in the asphalt and construction industry. Matt has experience in all equipment operating and is Mark's right hand man in working with clients and managing job sites. 

Nick Davis: Shop Foreman

Nick is a dedicated individual that has been with the company since day one. Nick also comes with trucking and mechanic experience he leads our maintenance team. 

Kassy Doughty: Receptionist

Kassy, an Ohio State University graduate, has experience running an already successful small business in the Ohio Valley. She will handle all the scheduling and book work.